Hello Burton,

My name is Cheylene and I have been waiting for you to post this positionā€¦ Last year I made a decision, after everything I have learned about you, and working with you through my time with OvR... YOU are people I want to work for.

I know it's not very conventional, but I decided that the easiest way to share my work, things about me, and why you should hire me was to make a page on my website dedicated just to that.

I'm a graphic designer & illustrator

I have been a creative my entire life, but let's start in the middle. I graduated from a graphic design program at Vancouver Community College in June 2006, then in Sept that same year I started at Emily Carr University where I went on to major in Communication Design. I am curious, and have always had a constant desire to learn and grow.

I have played with many mediums (digital design, screen printing, motion graphics, music, paper mache, gouacheā€¦) and worked with many amazing people. I pride myself in being able to be flexible and solve the unique design "problem" in front of me, masterfully applying my variety of skills to the task at hand.


I'm a screen printer

I started screen printing when I was 15 (I was the guitar player in a band and had a highschool art teacher excited to help us make merchandise) and I have been printing for myself and others ever since.

Sharkeye Creative is a small business that helped give my many creative outlets a home offering small and weird screen printing runs as well as live printing events, graphic design, animation and whatever else I can get my hands dirty doing.

I am part of the community

I have been working for OvRride for 6 years now. After my love for snowboarding, the main thing that keeps me coming back to working with them year after year, is sharing that love with a community of people. Whether it's my co-workers, seasoned bus passengers, or people that have never touched the snow, it's so exciting to be able to share this pretty special thing with people. Love for the outdoors, love for having fun, love for going fast, love for making the mountain and anything else my playground.

Through OvRride I have had the opportunity to work and volunteer with your store in NYC, Chill Foundation, Hoods To Woods, Patagonia and so many others. I truly love the opportunity to be a part of this community and help spread the love of snowboarding.